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It is the Mission of Go and Do Likewise to love our neighbors as ourselves, to get out of our comfort zone, to be disciplined by the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to be directed by the instructions of the Holy Spirit. 

We humbly admit the belief in the power of a greater good that flourishes in the hearts of those that seek God. We recognize God in all things and all people. We choose to not sit idle. We will GO AND DO.

We strive to create a sustainable community and improve the future generations of Kenya by promoting and encouraging three aspects of Kenyan life:




1. Education: by sponsoring secondary students, improving primary education, encouraging teachers and students to work hard, and adult training seminars.






2. Community: by working together as brothers and sisters in Christ, by uplifting our neighbor through activities like the Cow Project and Kitchen Garden Training, and trusting in God.






3. Opportunity: by welcoming renewable green energy and different innovations that assist the people of Rionchogu village.





Message from Bud Potter – Founder & President


Throughout 1996 I wrestled with God concerning an idea or a sense that it was time to move from knowledge of God and assent to His authority, to a way of life that embraces the teachings of Jesus in the way I act and that I accept His priorities as my own. Simply, it was put to me that it was time to get out of the pew and into the battle. I could no longer sit in church and let others be surrogates for my comfort and leisure.

When I addressed this with my Pastor, he, without hesitation said Luke 10, Good Samaritan, “Go and Do Likewise”. So began the unveiling for the next season of life or bend in the “Path of His Appointing” for me. For more than fifteen years we have tried to be faithful to what only can be a “call” to touch the lives of widows, orphans, poor and lonely.

As you look at who we are and what we do, If you sense that somehow we might help you, please let us know. If you sense the Spirit nudge you to find out more, to join with us or to “Go” on your own, please let us know how we can help. The “path” He has appointed is His, you are already a part as you are here. I am reminded of the line from Field of Dreams, “if you build it, he will come”, so, we expect, is the promise for HIS path, if we follow, HE will be there. There is simply no more one could ask for.


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