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Everything begins with one step,

Everything begins with one step,

Everything begins with a first step, the first step for the relationship with GAD Kenya was a simple meeting, leading to a visit, leading to a commitment.

Gad Kenya is focused on assisting families, students and community through education, assistance and mentoring.  It is a difficult task to explain and/or train on community.  In many ways this trait is practiced on a grand scale in the village and in some ways not at all. We believe that to be self sustaining the community must also be self supporting, that is supporting each other, even those who may not have been close in the past, that is the beginning of transitional community.

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Improving family health and economy

Merging the priorities of tradition and culture with the emerging need to interact in a communication focused world, a world shrinking to be accessible to even the most remote, rural areas as education raises in family priority of the rural poor.

Village determined by family lines

Village determined by family lines

Rionchogu – Pronounced Ree-on-chew is known as, “A Village Despised”, caught between the violence and chaos of an impoverished region. It is located in south-west Kenya in the highlands (elevation 5500 ft.) of equatorial Africa. Comprised of about 7,000 people, Riconchogu is part of the Gussi tribe, close to the Sengera market area and is part of a population of about 30,000 people scattered throughout 20 villages.

You will not find it on Google maps currently, but you can find the general area about 12 kilometers south-west of Ogembo in Kenya.

GAD Kenya works tireless through meetings and seminars to bring hope for different future, breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy

Student seminar

Student seminar

Market economy

A student meeting, led by students, really no different than in our own country, except the concept is new.  Subject ranging from difficulty with certain subjects to the need to refrain from sexual activity are talked to by the students.  Peer group conversation and women take part, the young women see themselves with new equality.

Seminars to help women use better farming techniques and plant healthier crops.  This training also produces a sense of working together and helping each other, a new sense of community emerges.

 Women at Market


Currently educational efforts are being engaged to transition adult minds to see a new importance available through working together, as community.