Poverty and Illiteracy; Breaking the Cycle

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LIKE OUR PAGE; SHARE OUR PAGE On this post I am sharing “Go and Do likewise; A story of Hope” Chapter 2; After the Excuses. The picture you see is of Winnie O. Winnie came from a very abusive situation. Her start in life was very difficult. The GAD Kenya folks placed Winnie in a Boarding school even though her academic scores were very low.

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Baby Steps, Giant Steps


The journey we call Go and Do Likewise began in 1996. It has been challenging, joyful and encouraging. Mostly, though, it has been a continuation of decisions which have made up the whole, some of these have been admittedly more dramatic than possibly others. It is for certain that all of these step have been necessary to reach 2016. We like to think that

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Seasons of Change


Heading to Kenya once again. We are putting a group together to leave around the first of December, returning 12 days later. Our commitment date, that is the day we hope to have the minimum number of travelers to make the trip happen, is August 21.  Our plan is to make initial air purchase by September 1, 2016. Go and Do likewise has been

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Just a Few Can Do So Much

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Contact writer of LA Time’s Laguna Beach Pilot, Bryce Alderton, reported on a group of highschool students at Laguna Beach High that have raised two thirds of the needed funds to provide a generator for Oloolaimutia Elementary School in Kenya. This project that not only will provide 5 hours of electricity per day for 20 classrooms, it also provides an income opportunity for local

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Things We Take for Granted

Public School Latrine (Rural)

Today many rural public schools in Kenya continue to provide unacceptable toilet facilities for almost 10% of their rural schools. This photo was taken from a Kenya news post today. This link will take you to a reality for many rural communities. Public schools today, in rural areas of Kenya   March 2008, this was the latrine at Neema Nuru. This was the very

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