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Lasting Change Comes from Self-Sustainability

most of the food in the rural areas are sold from stands such as these.

Most of the food in the rural areas
are sold from stands such as these.

Self sustainability is a critical ingredient in breaking the cycle of Poverty and Illiteracy. This issue transcends the individual and even the family unit.  It moves us to focus on a larger involvement in community, expanding the world view, if you would, of those who live in an area to include personal participation in the greater good.  In this context self sustaining requires the current generation to see them selves and to work towards this goal through financial efforts to provide education and other services for others a well as their own families.

Traditionally family income has been generated through part time work or low paying jobs and the sale of produce at local markets.

2015 begins this time of support for economic self-sustainability. Early on the opportunities of Micro franchise gave individuals the opportunity to further their own economic circumstance. This new season carries not only the welfare of the family but also the commitment to become part of the underlying financial foundation of GAD Kenya.  Breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy requires this financial foundation from within the larger community.  This, in reality, is the functional difference to break away from the aid dependence which stifles the community responsibility for the welfare of the greater good.

A requirement of start up business support is a commitment to repay the loan to GAD Kenya and continue at an agreed level to support the educational programs.

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The first request for business funding comes from GAD Kenya itself.  Their proposal is to begin a printing and copying business in the local market area.  The reasoning behind this it three fold.

1. The facility is already available.  Included also is the Solar which was installed in 2013 as part of the school upgrading. This solar will provide consistent operation even when the grid fails, which it so often does.

2. With new constitution and local government requirements the education community as well as other businesses have new and multiple reporting requirements which require “copying and printing”.

3. This business opportunity would require hiring a skilled worker as the use of technology, internet and communication is amplified.  The improved internet and this employee will also improve the communication ability with Go and Do Likewise, Inc. providing more timely and detailed updating for our friends and supporters.

The total requested startup fund is $9000.00.  At this time we have raised $5500 of this amount. GAD Kenya will repay this amount to the funding of Secondary education.


Your assistance will help us begin this new season.

Kiisi is the main urban center in the area Kiisi is the main urban center in the area


This page will continue to update as the business opportunities are forwarded by GAD Kenya.

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