Education is the key
in eradicating poverty

Contribute to Education

Three children looking out the window of an old mudded school

The majority of all charitable funds collected are used to support education.

  With education comes . . .

Hope, Progress, Change

The visit to Rionchogu, Kenya in March 2008 provided much revelation. Kiefa Ontiri said; We cannot just feed the children we must educate the children. For if we just feed the children and do not educate them we will raise up thieves, thugs and beggars.

This was the moment in time which defined our core purpose, the critical issue we must confront, the portal through which real change will advance: Education.

The Key

Mr. Livingstone – Headmaster of Nema Nuru Academy


E.F. Schumacher said;
Can we establish an ideology or what ever you like to call it which  insists the educated have taken upon themselves an obligation and have not simply acquired a passport to privilege. This idea is well supported by all the higher teachings of mankind. As a Christian i may be permitted to quote from St Luke; Much will be asked of him because he was entrusted with more. It is you might say an elementary matter of justice.
Four smiling and precocious little Kenyan students posing on road to go to school.

Although education of the young, the emerging generation, quickly became primary it was also clear that every effort should be made to educate other groups with in the community. Formal education and improved educational infrastructure was not enough.

Obligation which comes with opportunity was demonstrated through the student groups providing manual labor on so many projects to benefit their neighbors. In most every effort, education has been either a focus or an element of building community.

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