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Leadership training is one of those issues that takes place both as a primary focus and a secondary outcome. The training is a result of the constant interaction between leadership of Go and Do Likewise with the individual leaders in Kenya and through the daily interactions which continuously broaden the network of contacts within which the GAD Kenya leadership functions. This training is primarily experience driven, as there are no textbooks nor diagrams nor courses which outline how new communities develop. This process is hands-on, person-to-person, subject oriented and is based upon the time frame of the issues which are current at hand.

Chief2There are, however, times when a specific project or outcome is desired in advance and interaction takes place between leadership groups to attain the goal and through this the experience is the training.

In our relationship in the village much has been learned both here and in Kenya Olivet for both groups is leadership training. The learning curve has been steep and demanding in many instances, it is never easy to change a culture and to lead this change is one of the greatest challenges a person can have. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication to learning the skills necessary to lead by the leadership of GAD Kenya.