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Securing the Future

Secondary Education (High School equivalent) is the key element to reduce the economic and future uncertainty of the people of Riochogu. Unfortunately only students passing a national exam may qualify for secondary education, and only those with access to school fees, which amounts to a substantial sum of money for a person living in Rionchogu, can afford to attend Secondary School. Without high Secondary School test score’s college is certainly out of the question.  Without education tomorrow will not be different. We refer to this lack of education due to the absence of school fees as the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

Graduating from Primary School

 GADL’s goal is to make sure that every qualifying candidate has the opportunity to attend and finish Secondary School. For each student entered in our scholarship program there is a different level of family funding and GAD Kenya financial support, depending on the specific circumstance of the family, needed to make this a reality.