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Community growth: by necessity of our purpose is probably more from the perspective of the eyes of one who sees rather than the day-to-day activities of the people who make up the community.  Therefore, I will agree that the information we share here is a opinion, opinion, because we are really outsiders, opinion because the real work, the real awareness of the intricacies of change/growth is really only known by those who interact at the foundation of the community.


Having said that, we will continue to share what we see as evidence of the community.  Developing, working together, seeing others as important in viewing their circumstance as part of a larger rather than isolated life experience.

Most recently, the community growth.  Example or indicator has developed around the installation of solar energy at the Neema Nuru school.  As we reviewed the requirements and the challenges of bringing solar energy to the school, it became increasingly clear that one of the greatest obstacles to success would be the security of the equipment, the panels, the batteries and the wiring itself.  The question became evident; how would a small NG0 in a new community setting, be able to provide security necessary.  The answer came from the community itself.

Meetings were held suggestions presented challenges laid out and the path began to resolve the issue.  In the end, agreements by the greater community, the parents of students attending the school, the school administration itself, and other interested parties committed to fund the resources to provide for the expense of the on-site security necessary to preserve the investment.

This is, in our view, community growth.