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Now, it is NOW, the Solar for Neema Nuru and the wind wind for GAD Kenya compound are on schedule to be installed while our June group is on site.

Solar energy is coming to Neema Nuru


Alternative Energy Visitors to the Area

For GADL and GAD Kenya the potential to work with a group in Kenya dedicated to supplying alternative sources of generating energy for domestic use is very exciting.  The benefits still stretch our imagination, most certainly the potential to expand the learning hours is great but the potential to use a library as a community assets is also great. When we think of consistent electrical energy at the school we think of the potential to introduce computers, computer training lab, and work simple experiments all of which are part of the educational system in our country and in urban Kenya, but not in the rural environment.

A new door to the future opens this year.

Alternative energy holds incredible potential we are excited to be at that door.