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Proper nutrition is always a concern for any rural population in majority world countries. It is no different in the village of Rionchogu. Today in the village efforts are ongoing to help the families adapt to more healthy diet and environment. Many of the efforts which take place relating to daily life affect multiple areas of the villagers experience. So it should be no surprise that nutrition, education, gardening and raising cows for their milk, while each at one time had its own focus, and therefore would have been a specific project, each day all of these projects combine together to work towards a healthier and more nutritious daily life for the village.

Farming trainingAlmost from the beginning the district nutritionist, who works for the Kenya Health organization, has worked side by side with the efforts of GAD Kenya supplying hands on training, teaching and guidance as well as introducing vegetables which carry a much higher concentration of nutrients than the traditional maize which has long been the staple food.

In the rural environments the elderly continue to be an at risk population. We believe the answer to this concern lies in community responsibility rather than outside aid here then two, while it is not or has not been a regular practice, education of the adult community towards assisting the elderly, even outside their own family, is taking place.