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Schools, every civilization experiences its future based on its ability to educate.  When we look at the village and schools there are three major aspects which affect regular daily life.  It is important for one to understand that historically and currently, private schools consistently perform better than public schools in Kenya, in the urban it is partially because private schools charge a greater fee and attract the better students.  In the rural it is much the same with the addition that most private schools are faith-based.

There is also an advantage within the private school sector.  That being the educational leadership is not nearly as controlled by government appointed supervisors and so are somewhat less affected by the graft related to that particular circumstance.  In our situation, the school we support directly on a regular basis, Neema Nuru, is managed by the same leadership as GAD Kenya.  Today, as of August 2012, the school has been completely rebuilt.  Beginning with new safe latrines in 2009, continuing in 2010 and 11, with construction of the first four rooms and finally culminating in 2012 with a replacement of all the additional rooms needed for a totally new school.


Four years ago, it seemed impossible, today there is a dreamlike quality, which hovers over the reconstruction process.  Yet it is finished, the end of mud and stick dangerous facility and the new beginning of block walls, concrete floors, better visibility and expanded potential for the new. It is hard for us in the West to really appreciate what it means to the students, the families, the community and the teacher’s to actually witness this transformation.  We can only dream about what is next for this school.

In 2012,  we also added safe latrines to two public schools and provided new roofing materials to a third primary school.  Finally, we supported a secondary school, public, with better, more efficient kitchen cooking equipment.  All the decisions.  The project priorities are determined by the leadership in the village area.  We will continue to work with both the public and private sector in the educational environment, both to improve the quality of the facilities and to offer continued education opportunity for students in need.