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The major weapon against the cycle of Poverty and Illiteracy, education.

Here, we hope to share with you specific accomplishments and achievements made by the students whom we sponsor.  It is a certainty that accomplishments and achievements relate to the past educational experience, the level of family support and the particular skill levels of each individual student.  It is important that we do not see this as comparative but see it through the window of hope for students at all levels.

Education is hope

Education is hope

January is the beginning of a new school year, for some new schools, for some, a promotion, and for some, by their own decision, a repeat.  The decision to repeat a year is seen by all of us involved, as an achievement.  It is a conscious decision made by the individual to build a better base for the year or years ahead.

This success story is a direct result of those who give a little each month for the general work of our mission.  Every year there are situations where students who have been overwhelmed by difficult circumstances in their support network seek assistance after being turned away from their school.  These are the ones who are able to continue because of the generosity of those of you who just give, trusting the Lord will find a way for you to make a difference.  It was the general fund that opened the door for this young man.

Dennis Onkanga Makori 002 Dennis is an all too typical story.  A young man who desired to be educated with a family who was also supportive.  He has been one whose hope disappeared when his father passed away in 2010, then his uncle, who had taken on the responsibility to provide fees passed away in 2011 and his mother is ill.  He was left with fees owed and sent from school because of this. He also suffered diminished test scores as a result of interrupted class attendance. He spoke with his Pastor who referred him to GAD Kenya.

2012 saw another type of achievement, 2012 was for us a benchmark, it was the year in which the first graduates of our secondary sponsorship made acceptance into higher education at the University level.  It would be easy to dismiss this accomplishment as individual or even limited to the family level, however this accomplishment carried with it and continues to carry the reality of the hope which was laid before the students five years ago.

Leyser Omundi had the High Score for students entering secondary this year.  She has set a high mark for others to reach for.  In the past high scores have rested with young men for the most part, other girls take note;  You no longer have lower potential nor status. The opportunity is there for young women too.

Leyser Omundi high KCEP score for 2013 entering students, 377

Leyser Omundi high KCEP score for entering students, 377 marks

 There is hope in the midst of the cycle of poverty and illiteracy