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Ezekiel NyambaneThree young men graduating in 2012 received government letters of admission to University for exceptional scores achieved on their Term IV test.  Ezekiel Nyambane, Eric Mogendi and Eric Pius all accomplished this high

Eric Mogendi

Following in the foot steps of previous students two of these young men made decisions to revisit years of education to make up for the inadequate primary education they received.They are a true success story in their own right.

Eric Pius

Eric M. and Eric P. standing tall, two young men from the very poorest of families. Scholar-shipped for higher education

Bringing eco-friendly energy to rural Kenya!

Bringing eco-friendly energy to rural Kenya families. Scholar-shipped for higher education

Green Energy Greets Rionchogu

Rionchogu recently welcomed a new success that opens unlimited possibilities for the village. Green energy was launched in the village. With the help of Access Energy, an alternative energy business from Kisumu, GADL was able to light upone office space. This will benefit students, teachers, community members, American travelers, micro franchisers, and GAD Kenya workers.

The opportunities are endless as Kenya pioneers their way through hardships by using this new energy. Through green energy we will see positive change sweep over the community and its people.


Excellence in Education

Education is the key towards all development of an individual and a nation. GAD Kenya students who are sponsored by Go and Do Likewise are seizing this idea and making a difference for their community. Students like Kelvin Matara, Emmanuel Makurk, Paul Yiampoi, and George Ogoro, James Ombogo, and Naomy Nyamasege are graduates of high school and are pursuing higher degrees. The hard work and struggles these Kenyan students go through is no small feat.

Paul is currently working at a sugar cane factory and growing his own sugar cane to raise money for university fees.  Kelvin worked as a teacher and other odd jobs in order to raise funds for his university where he now attends in Nairobi. Naomy, a recent high school grad is doing the same as she awaits her acceptance letter. James is currently creating plans to sell bananas at a market in Kisumu to raise money for his fees. George first received low marks on his final high school test so went back to school to learn more and retake the exam. He received an A- the second time, and received government sponsorship to go to university. He is in his third year as a biology student at Kenyatta University.

These students are pioneers for the new Kenyan generation. They are willing to work hard to fight against the norm and pursue a dream they know, with God, can be accomplished.

Click here to read more about the success of one student, George Ogoro.



Empowering Women 

Women have many setbacks to overcome. They have long been exposed to a culture that has put their educational benefits on the back burner. Fortunately, things are changing in this little village. Women are being empowered by training courses and micro franchising seminars. They are being encouraged by pastoral support. Other educated women are training and encouraging village girls, and together, they are creating a sustainable change. Here are a few areas of women’s empowerment:

  • Creation of new business ideas through courses on finance and marketing.
  • Innovative experiments with local products like avocado, which is now used to produce soap which can be used for their families or sold at market.
  • Training lessons on sustainable farming, which help women feed their families and sell their harvest at market.
  • Teaching responsibility and sustainability through the Cow Project which gives families a cow to raise properly. The milk helps the woman feed her family.