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It is difficult to deny the call to help those, who not only desperately need our help, but also show a profound amount of gratitude and humility when it is given. It is even more difficult to understand how you will receive much more than you could ever give to these remarkable people when you embark on your journey to Rionchogu, Kenya. I doubt there is anyone who is reading this that could say they have not felt the “glow” of performing charitable acts. Be it serving or cooking in a soup kitchen, passing out blankets and coats to the homeless, or simply opening a door for an elderly person. Those are examples of the Go And Do philosophy.  Can you imagine how much more you will experience when you take a giant leap of faith, travel around the world, and arrive to find a village of virtual strangers welcoming you like you were lifelong friends? Can you imagine the hope for future you will foster in the minds and hearts of the children who see you arrive, ready to help? Do you understand the amount of impact you will make on the future of an entire village?

You have chosen to Go and Do Kenya. Your life will never be the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of actions which when taken will simplify your preparations and help insure your participation.

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The links below will lead you to a suggested Packing List and the Mission Application.

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