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Am I right for a GADL expedition?

travel3GADL facilitates volunteer humanitarian expeditions in the rural villages of Kenya. Our expeditions are not tourist vacations. Our primary purpose is to integrate into the daily lives and culture of the village.  Personal interaction with local residents is our priority. Participants should be physically and mentally prepared to face frustrating and disquieting circumstances while traveling, working and living in impoverished, primitive areas. Village access is often along bumpy 4-wheel-drive roads or sometimes requires a short hike. Participants must expect the unexpected, be flexible and patient and keep a sense of humor.

How much does an expedition cost?

The Expedition cost will vary depending on expedition length, project costs and location. These costs are calculated on the expected prices at the time of departure and are subject to change. Excluding airfare, costs generally range from $1,500 to $2,000. A deposit is required to reserve a space on any expedition. Airfare must be paid prior to booking. Participants and their supporters may pay by cash or check or use our Acceptiva link.  Visa, MasterCard or other Credit cards can only be accepted in person in Sealy Texas or Fountain Valley, CA.  Some travelers have found sponsors or have used their employer donation matching program to help pay for their expedition costs. GADL may be able to help you with fundraising ideas. The full expedition cost, unless otherwise agreed to by GADL is due 45 days prior to departure.

What if I have to cancel?

Our airline tickets are subject to the Air carrier fare restrictions of this cost may be refundable but all tickets are non-transferable. The costs for a Safari are also nonrefundable.

Are any paid fees refundable?

Over 90 days: 100% of your available balance is refundable or transferable to a future expedition or traveler. 45-89 days: Half of the available balance is refundable, transferable. Less than 45 days: All payments are non-refundable.

Third world conditions may result in cancellations of expeditions. If GADL cancels the trip, your expedition costs, minus any expenses already incurred, are available for refund. If you cancel your trip because of a new travel warning or a public announcement made by the U.S. Department of State after the date you submit your deposit, then your expedition costs, minus any expenses already incurred or committed may be refundable. All payments received from persons other than the participant are nonrefundable at anytime.

Where does my money go?

Support funds, or monies used for your expenses, are used for the personal expenses attributable to our specific expedition. GADL uses all gifts and donations for the actual costs of our projects without administrative costs or other expenses. GADL is one of only a few organizations which promises that 100% of all “donations” are dedicated to project expenses.

Is everything tax-deductible?

GADL is a non-profit organization as described by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, all but $100 of the transportation to and from expedition sites as well as the participant’s expedition cost are probably tax deductible. We suggest that you consult your personal tax adviser regarding your personal tax situation. Any personal travel before and after the expedition is not tax deductible.

What other expenses can I expect?

Other costs to expect include passports, multiple entry visas, airport taxes, immunizations, and meals while outside the village and the cost of any insurance. Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Participants are responsible for extra charges if he/she desires single occupancy or deviates from the group itinerary. Any side trips planned by the participant will be entirely at their own expense.

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